Peter Denholm

On a journey to make PARROT9 the world's greatest software design team.

The brightest stars burn the fastest, so we must love them while we can.

-Anna Todd

Brilliance should be acknowledged, and David Ginder, better known by the pseudonym Near, was brilliant.

Near loved to play SNES RPG games. Unfortunately for Near, some of these games were only produced in Japan with no plans for Western localisation.


Don’t redesign just to do something new, redesign because you have a better answer to the question.

- Paul Scrivens

Good design unifies presentation and action.

It allows for fluidity between two separate states. The closer the gap between the two, the better the experience. In this sense, good design always condenses down.


Technology democratizes consumption but consolidates production.

The best person in the world at anything gets to do it for everyone.

- Naval Ravikant

We need recognition.

Recognition results in leverage, and leverage affords us the opportunity to solve big problems.


A genius is not born, but is educated and trained.

- László Polgár

László Polgár was a psychologist who was convinced that given sufficient early training, any child could become a genius in a chosen field.

To test this theory, he trained all three of his daughters in chess from the age of 4. All three went on to become chess prodigies, and the youngest, Judit, is considered the best female player in the history of the game.